Brighter Choice


Principal Fabayo McIntosh-Gordon grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant and knew early on that she wanted to make a difference in her community. She founded Brighter Choice Community School in 2008 to establish a "learning community where education is embedded in meaningful, real-world contexts and children are deliberately taught to see the connections between school and the world.” Change for Kids is proud to be a partner of Brighter Choice Community School—a school that has been described as a “wonderful oasis” for students.

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Quick Facts 

Principal: Fabayo McIntosh-Gordon

Lead Sponsor: Open

Student Population: 289

71% of children in the community are born into poverty

Current Programs

Programs and Experiences

New York Historical Society: Social studies curriculum that builds fourth grade students' critical thinking skills by examining, analyzing and discussing replicas of artifacts, works of arts, and maps

Parent Workshops: Held throughout the year to support parent engagement and education

Salvadori Center: STEM-based programming for students in Kindergarten through second grade that shows the relevance of math and science using the buildings, bridges, landmarks, and parks in their local communities

Upper Elementary Music: A music program by Third Street Music School Settlement for all students in third through fifth grades that teaches note placement, rhythm, time signatures and other key skills

Leadership Support

School Manager: CFK staff member working on the ground at the school to maintain and develop the relationship with the leadership team, parents, community members, program partners and volunteers

Principal Network: Opportunities for collaboration and learning with other CFK partner school principals

Volunteer Support

Career Day: Introduces students to new educational and professional experiences so they can chart a path to their futures

Family Field Day: Fun games, dancing, and sports help kickstart healthy habits for our students and their families

Family Fun Nights: Organized around a theme, these evenings bring parents and children together to learn and have fun

PreK Guest Reader: Brings volunteers into PreK classrooms to engage students in reading and strengthen their imaginations

Collection Drives

School Supplies and Book Donations throughout the year

Food, Coat and Toy Donations in November and December