Grant Avenue

Grant Avenue

Morrisania, Bronx

From the start of her career in education, Principal Kristin Erat knew that “once we had established a safe and trusting environment and celebrated student strengths – the sky was the limit for my students.” As the founding principal at Grant Avenue Elementary, she has put that philosophy into action, empowering a student population in need. In the community around Grant Avenue, a third of children come from families who live on less than $15,000 a year; at the school, the overwhelming majority receive free or reduced lunch. We are proud to help Grant Avenue Elementary achieve their goals of academic excellence, maintaining a strong and supportive school culture, and engaging families as partners in education. In the words of Principal Erat, “Our students are inspiring and so is Change for Kids; we are so excited about the tremendously positive impact this partnership will have on student learning in our school community.”

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Quick Facts 

Principal: Kristin Erat

Lead Sponsor: Bechtolsheimer Family

Student Population: 464

28% of families in the community live on less than $15,000 a year

Current Programs

Programs and Experiences

Chess: Students learn the basics of this powerful game

Dance: A dance program hosted by the Third Street Music School Settlement that provides students with a unique opportunity for physical and artistic expression

Museum Residency: Arts instruction and experiences for the first grade through our partnership with the Children’s Museum of the Arts

Parent Workshops: Held throughout the year to support parent engagement and education

Story Pirates: Creative writing and literacy support for students and their families in the third through fourth grades

Salvadori Center: STEM-based programming for fourth grade students that teaches the relevance of math and science using the buildings, bridges, landmarks, and parks in their local communities

Leadership Support

School Manager: CFK staff member working on the ground at the school to develop and maintain relationships with the leadership team, parents, community members, program partners, and volunteers

Principal Network: Opportunities for collaboration and learning with other CFK partner school principals

Volunteer Support

Career Day: Introduces students to new educational and professional experiences so they can chart a path to their futures

Family Field Day: Fun games, dancing, and sports help kickstart healthy habits for our students and their families

Family Fun Nights: Organized around a theme, these evenings bring parents and children together to learn and have fun

School Beautification Day: Transforming the halls and classrooms by painting bright and engaging murals, organizing and cleaning teaching resources, and making the school an even more engaging place to learn

Collection Drives

School Supplies and Book Donations throughout the year

Food, Coat and Toy Donations in November and December