We provide critical supports, experiences, and access so kids in New York City public schools can reimagine their possibilities and overcome inequity. We believe opportunities create options. We believe that one can’t dream what one has not seen. We believe creating opportunities for young people allows them to see themselves with different options, through different lenses. And this affords them the tools to reimagine their own possibilities and the tools with which to overcome inequity.

The Change For Kids Model

Access to opportunities, intentional experiences, and a levelled playing field for kids are at the core.
  • Partner Schools

    Have a collaborative school culture with a commitment to success
  • School Managers

    Manage a mix of programs, resources and volunteers for maximum effect
  • Programs

    Bring a variety of educational, arts, and vocational opportunities for kids to reimagine possibilities and broaden horizons
  • Supporters

    Provide funding and support that help us deliver and expand our impact
  • Volunteers

    Inspire our students and enrich our school communities

Events and Fundraising