P.S. 21

P.S. 21

Port Richmond, Staten Island

The school’s motto, “together, we make it happen” says it all—the collaborative environment of the school community is something you can’t miss. Principal Anthony Cosentino is joining forces with CFK to enhance P.S. 21’s STEM offerings and further support the school’s community engagement initiatives.

Quick Facts 

Principal: Anthony Cosentino

CFK Partner School since: 2018

Lead Sponsor: Available

Student Enrollment: 359

78% of students identified as being in economic need*

* Economic Need Index is an estimate of the percentage of students at a school facing economic hardship
based on temporary housing, eligibility for public housing, and Census tract poverty rates. (NYC DOE)

Current Programs

Programs and Experiences

Explore NY: Introducing our students to new educational and professional experiences

Leadership Support

School Manager: CFK staff member working on the ground at the school to maintain and develop the relationship with the leadership team, parents, community members, program partners and volunteers

Principal Network: Opportunities for collaboration and learning with other CFK partner school principals

Therapeutic Crisis: Intervention support training

Academic Enrichment Partnerships

Salvadori Center: STEM-based programming for students in the fourth and fifth grade that shows the relevance of math and science using the buildings, bridges, landmarks, and parks in their local communities

Writopia Lab: Giving our fourth and fifth grade students the opportunity to work on their own pieces under the guidance of a published author or produced playwright

Community Engagement

School Beautification: Transforming the halls and classrooms by painting bright and engaging murals, organizing and cleaning teaching resources, and making the school an even more engaging place to learn