P.S. 277

Mott Haven, Bronx

Located in the neighborhood of Mott Haven in the South Bronx, P.S. 277’s mission is to provide an inclusive learning environment that inspires academic excellence and promotes self-confidence and independence. Change for Kids is proud to support P.S. 277 in pursuit of its vision to “nourish, strengthen and empower the character, mind and voice of our children in order to cultivate future leaders and thinkers in our school, in our community, and in our world. Together, we will build a sense of social responsibility, self-efficacy, and self-confidence in order to prepare for college and future careers.”

Quick Facts 

Principal: Natasha Bracey Ferguson

CFK Partner School since: 2014

Lead Sponsor: Available

Student Enrollment: 407

91% of students identified as being in economic need*

* Economic Need Index is an estimate of the percentage of students at a school facing economic hardship
based on temporary housing, eligibility for public housing, and Census tract poverty rates. (NYC DOE)

Current Programs

Programs and Experiences

University Partnership: Providing after-school homework help and math assistance

Explore NY: Introducing our students to new educational and professional experiences

Leadership Support

School Manager: CFK staff member working on the ground at the school to develop and maintain relationships with the leadership team, parents, community members, program partners, and volunteers

Principal Network: Opportunities for collaboration and learning with other CFK partner school principals

Academic Enrichment Partnerships

Third Street Music School Settlement: Music fundamentals, plus skill-based vocal and instrumental instruction for all students in Pre-K

Community Engagement

School Beautification Day: Helping make the school property an even more engaging place to learn

Reading Buddies Bringing volunteers into our classrooms for a morning of reading and fun